Introduction about various styles of incense and how to use them

Directly Lighting Incense

This type of incense is very easy and practical to use.
Various shapes of incense and fragrances are available.

Stick Incense

This is the most popular shape of incense.
Various fragrances and lengths are available for scenting a large room or for religious use. Burning times are proportional to stick lengths. It is possible to adjust the burning time of an incense stick by cutting it. Because stick incense has uniform thickness, it fragrance is released evenly and gradually.

Coil Incense

The particular character of this type of incense is its long burning time. Coil incense is appropriate for scenting a large area, such as a hotel lobby, or a space with a lot of passages.

Cone Incense

Light the top point of the cone. Unlike stick incense, fragrance from incense cones grows stronger as the lit portion descends into the wider part of the cone. This incense type is suitable for scenting a room in a short time.

Heating Incense

The enjoyment of heated incense requires a bit more time for the preparation.
However, the quality of the incense insures that it will be a relaxing time.

Aromatic Wood

There are two ways of appreciating the fragrances of aromatic woods. One is called "Mon-koh," a way to appreciate the sophisticated fragrance of a tiny piece of aromatic wood. The other way is "Soradaki," for perfuming a room. Aromatic wood fragrances create a pleasant atmosphere for special occasions.

Kneaded Incense

Traditionally used for the Japanese Tea Ceremony, this ancient form of incense is blended, kneaded, and left to mature in earthenware jars for three to five years. Kneaded Incense is characterized by a sweet, creamy scent, it is not ignited by flame - rather, it is heated using charcoal or with a wood chip heater.

In-koh (Pressed Incense)

In-koh, or "Pressed Incense," is formed by filling fancifully shaped molds with a blended incense recipe. Shapes can include plum flowers, the moon, and more. This style of incense releases its fragrance when heated with charcoal.

Enjoyment of incense without burning or heating

This type of incense releases a fragrance in its natural, unheated state.
It is made to enjoy as a room decoration, or perhaps to personalize your image.


Sachet is made up of powdered or granulated incense in a cloth pouch. It is blended from clove, borneo camphor, sandalwood, and other spices.
Sachet not only scents clothing, but it also helps to protect clothing from insects. Other ways to use sachet include: in drawers, in a pocket, in an automobile, and more. The mild, subtle fragrance is considerably different than perfumes.