Mon-koh means Listening to incense and this is a kind of ceremonial way of Incense Appreciation.



Completely light the Mon-koh Charcoal by using a gas stove or electric range until it becomes greyish on all side.


Once the surface of the charcoal has turned greyish, use the incense chopsticks to bury it in Mon-koh ash, in the Mon-koh burner.


Gently gather the ash around the charcoal and make a small mound over it.


Use the ash press to lightly pack the ash over the charcoal.


Using an incense chopstick, make an air hole through the ash to the charcoal, so that the charcoal will stay lit.


Place the mica plate over the air hole by using the mica plate tweezers.


Place agarwood on the mica plate by using the incense chopsticks.

8.Listening to incense

With your left hand, gently pick up the Mon-koh burner, being careful to hold burner level (to avoid disturbing the mica plate). With your right hand, make a small "chimney" atop the burner. Gently smell the fragrance emanating from the opening of your right hand.
Enjoy the fragrance.

*Please note

・You may need to adjust the depth of the charcoal and the amount of ash covering it for proper heating (to avoid burning the agarwood).

・For this method, use agarwood that is approximately 5×2 mm wide.

・For safety, keep the Mon-koh burner in an upright position to insure that the contents do not shift.


・After use, the ash and Mon-koh burner become very hot for an extended period of time. Do not put the used ash into a trash can until it has completely cooled down to room temperature.

・Ash can be reused many times with this method.